Our Rock, Limestone, & Redi-wall Retaining Wall Services

Blue Hawaiian Pools of Michigan is your one-stop for in-ground pool installations, flatwork, landscaping, and retaining wall services. Let our professional designers “Sculpt Your Perfect Staycation” using the latest technologies or our tried and true natural stone solutions. We build retaining walls that have stood the test of time and will be around for years of enjoyment!

Boulder Walls

All-natural boulder retaining walls emphasize nature’s beauty. Retaining walls are an excellent choice for controlling erosion. Erosion occurs when the soil is unstable because of insufficient water drainage and weather. Along with beauty, the benefits of boulder retaining walls are the weight of the stones providing natural strength.

limestone retaining wall for pool blue hawaiian pools of michigan img

Limestone Walls

Strength and beauty can be attained with the installation of natural limestone retaining wall stone. Whether manufactured or natural limestone we create many different levels of excellence and characteristic charm by installing solid tiers of retaining wall stone adding to the value of your in-ground pool and creating an epic “Backyard Paradise”.

redi rock retaining wall for my pool area blue hawaiian pools of michigan img

Ready Wall

With texture on two to three sides, Redi-Rock freestanding walls are a great choice for above-grade outdoor living spaces and your in-ground pool walls. Freestanding blocks can be used to create your perfect Staycation right in your own backyard! We can build privacy walls, decorative barriers, landscape walls, and much more! Call for information


Stone Retaining Walls

Limestone Retaining Walls

Redi-Rock Retaining Walls